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Leather Skirts

Discover a stunning collection of women's leather skirts at Leatherotics. Our high-quality leather skirts offer a perfect blend of style and sophistication. From classic pencil skirts to flared and mini skirts, our diverse range caters to every fashion preference. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our leather skirts exude elegance and elevate your wardrobe.

Our Skirts are made of:

  • 100% genuine nappa goat leather
  • Silk lined
  • Handmade
  • Intricate double stitching

Pencil Skirts

Striking leather office skirt for ladies that will accentuate the professional look and set you apart from your co-workers. Max sophistication for the boss look. We also have secretary skirts if you want to be the favorite secretary at office or home ;) You can spice up your boudoir with these skirts for all your professional needs. Classic style is also available to buy from our online shop.

Mini Skirts

Leather mini skirt to get you the extra attention you deserve. The micro mini is on tend and textbook for a night out at the club or to fulfil wayward desires. All our Micro minis are made with the finest luxury leather and come in pleated or sheer leather designs adding super sexy elegance to your personal collection.

Spanking Skirts

For a raw fetish look our sleek spanking skirts are textbook for stimulating irrepressible desire and punishing someone who's been very naughty. These fetish skirts offer a teasing view that's sure to get you punished. Adjustable straps are available for extra pleasure, lasting the whole night through. Whips will always find their mark in these delightfully desirable skirts. Choose a leather skirt with a zip, just waiting to be opened, so you can tease the object of your desire to distraction. Our fetish range has been specifically chosen to meet your fantasy and role play wishes as we want to make sure your new skirt makes you feel super-hot and sexy, leaving you to concentrate on delivering unanswered appeals for mercy. Custom made to order and available in a range of colors, sexy is back on the devil's menu.

Exotic Skirts

The ultimate in femininity and sleekness, the fishtail skirt is a timeless fashion staple. Made from fine quality leather and made to last for years to come not for just one season. Fashionable and seductive, this kind skirt is a head turner. Crafted with care and love, it can be worn as a dress or as an accessory to your favorite outfit. It's the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life.
If you’re looking to buy a leather skirts, then we’ve got the perfect collection for you.