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Leather Catsuits / Cotton Jumpsuits

Catsuits first made an appearance around the 1940s and were adopted as a fashion item as part of the 1980s dance scene. Catsuits are more commonly worn by women, but they’re also worn by men as part of the fetish scene. Some people buy catsuits as an erotic item as they’re soft and sexy as well as tight fitting. They can also be worn with a corset over the top of the suit for extra sizzle. You’ll find the perfect Catsuit or Jumpsuit to fit you whether it’s made from our finest leather, cotton linen or soft silky satin. We understand your style is individual, so we offer different colours and even floral designs to match your exceptional tastes. Elegant and sassy jumpsuits are striking when worn as day wear and delightfully naughty for a nighttime romp. Add some high-octane passion in the bedroom with a tighter fitting leather Catsuit and bring your whip for extra pleasure. Leatherotics offers made to measure catsuits in red, black, white, pink or tan leather colours for women as well as men. You’ll find that all our Catsuits are made from the finest Nappa leather. We offer custom made options such as skin tight, snug or relaxed fit. Other options include sleeveless and pocket suit your style and tastes. You’ll find everything you need to bring out your inner cat from our online store.