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Underbust Leather Corsets

Fashionable & Waist Cinching Underbust Corsets

Leather underbust corsets are perfect for creating hourglass shape and a tight fitted waist line helps enhancing the bust line.. Corsets are also used as under clothing for a more ample look or worn as a main display piece, your elegant shape will attract the attention you deserve. Underbust steel boned corsets emphasise a curvy figure with easy tight lacing on the back.

  • High quality leather with cotton twill lining
  • Spiral steel bones
  • Modesty Panel
  • Strong laces
  • Busk Closure

Steel Boning

Engineered with steel boning, each corset offers structure and stability, ensuring proper posture and support. The boning helps to shape and sculpt the waist while maintaining flexibility for ease of movement and all-day comfort.

Decorative Details

From intricate embroidery and lace overlays to beading, ribbons, and appliqués, each corset in the collection showcases exquisite decorative details that add a touch of romance and femininity. These embellishments elevate the corsets from functional undergarments to statement pieces that capture attention and inspire confidence.

Custom Fitting

If you see a corset you love to order and your size is not listed then please select and order using a made to measure option. Authentic tight lacing under bust leather corsets are made according to the traditional Victorian styles with spiral steel bones, rigid steel bones, front steel busk, hood eye and back lacing. All our corsets are designed for waist training and tummy control.

Wide Variety

Our online leather corset shop offers in a variety of styles from tight-laced beautifully corseted gothic designs, corset for short and long torso and these are fitted with spiral steel bones, Victorian corsets for strong waist support. If you want to reduce your tummy fat or use it as lingerie or look devilishly devious at the right place then our underbust buckled corsets provide magnificent glamour whatever the event.