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Leather Bed Sheets

Upgrade your bedding with our luxurious leather bed sheets and pillow covers. Experience unparalleled comfort and sophistication with these exquisite pieces. Leather has always been used to keep us safe and warm from the elements. Genuine leather bedding is a wonderful addition to any bedroom. 

  • Leather naturally adapts to body temperature, offering warmth in cooler climates and a cooler feel in warmer room conditions.
  • Resistant to wear and tear, making them long-lasting and ideal for frequent use.
  • Designed with fitted corners or elastic edges to ensure a snug fit on the mattress, preventing shifting during sleep.
  • Easy Cleaning: Simple to maintain with a damp cloth or specific leather cleaning products
  • Leather bed sheets & pillow covers are naturally resistant to dust mites and allergens, providing a healthier sleeping environment.
  • Ideal for regular use, offering a durable alternative to traditional bed sheets.

Our luxury leather bedding is made from top grain goat skin for the softest sensation. If you want to add an extra touch of style to your bedroom for a smooth night’s sleep or added excitement, then our range is sure to have something to suit. No matter the size of your bed we’ve got you covered. You can find the perfect bedding from our online store to suit your desires. You’ll find beautifully sown soft panelled pillowcases and duvet covers made from goat and lambskin for the supplest finish.

Easy to clean and durable our leather sheets are chic and stylish and chosen by us especially for you. You’ll be surrounded by the soft and sensuous touch of gorgeous leather bedding, as you surrender to your fantasies or enjoy sweet dreams.

Additionally, for dog lovers, we offer a luxury leather dog bed so your fur baby can share in the comfort and style they’ve become accustomed to. For the creative in you, why not buy our leather skins which are exceptional for bookbinding and other artisan projects.