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Steampunk Cosplay LARP

LARP outfits and steampunk clothing to keep turning heads

If escaping reality isn’t enough, consider creating your own and venturing into the positively bewitching and immersive world. Buying steampunk clothing that looks like it came straight off the pages of your favourite fantasy stories is your first-class ticket for time travel that always awaits you here.

Taking cues from the adventurers and intricate designs of the past, each piece for sale at Leatherotics proves that quality and authenticity reign supreme. With a nod to the most renowned eras and themes, we combine A-grade materials and craftsmanship to create eye-catching and unique steampunk clothing in the UK. Think tailcoats, bustiers, corsetry, metal detailing, cord lacing, button flaps and bondage straps that match the darkest or boldest tones of your LARP fantasies.

The steampunk clothing online store that makes it happen

Discover the gorgeous creations of time, space and imagination to immerse yourself in and enjoy. Choose from vintage-inspired statement pieces at Leatherotics to add an artsy-modern vibe, a dark and mystic flair, sophistication and sexiness to your outfit. To feel like a part of the art of re-enacting a certain period or character, put together your cosplay steampunk costume with the featured items or order custom ones with our made-to-measure service.

Find your escape from the busy life and take a step back in time with our:

  • Waistcoats, jackets and tailcoats
  • Zip-up or button-up vests
  • Corsets and tops with adjustable lacing
  • Cropped and bolero retro styles
  • Steel-boned corsets and shirts

Make your outfit an attention-grabber

The high-end steampunk clothing for sale at Leatherotics is perfect for festivals, cosplay, photography or adding character to your club attire. Choose from mandarin collar and collarless styles, with front or side button-up or zip closure and adjustable buckle straps or lacing for a fitted lace-up effect. Find the most iconic pieces of steampunk clothing to create an infallible visual link to your dream characters and scenarios.

Crafted with premium-quality leather and metal hardware, Leatherotics pieces lend a unique air of authority and sophistication to make every fan of the theme excited. They are adorned with intricate details to encapsulate the magic of the times you’re travelling back to. Just as a little black dress is a timeless wardrobe staple, a Leatherotics leather piece is a steampunk outfit essential that always looks at home at any themed event.

Get your ultimate leather companion for any adventures today!