Black Underbust Men Leather Corset 1830

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Made To Measure

Made To Measure

We get that making something unique to your size might seem a bit intimidating. But don't stress, it's actually quite simple and there's no need to worry. Especially for our leather items, we offer a special service where we create things that match your exact measurements. This means you'll get something that fits you perfectly, without looking like it's just a copy of someone else's stuff.

All you need to do is fill out a form with your measurements. You can find this form by clicking on a link we'll provide in email. With your measurements in hand, we'll craft the product specifically for you. Our main goal is to give you something that not only fits really well but also boosts your confidence and comfort.

And remember, if you're not totally satisfied with what we make for you, we're always here to work with you to make any necessary changes. Don't hesitate to give our personalised service a try today. You'll see how having something tailor-made for you can make a real difference in how you feel and look.

11 Reviews

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  • 5
    Well made and high quality!

    Well made, fast shipping, high quality. I had questions which they answered quickly by email, and were willing to make this in a 36" waist for me. Looks fantastic.

  • 5
    Product quality

    Most excellent workmanship. Not a stitch out of place. High grade hide, very good hardware. You will agree, believe me...

11 Reviews

  • 5
    Well made and high quality!

    Well made, fast shipping, high quality. I had questions which they answered quickly by email, and were willing to make this in a 36" waist for me. Looks fantastic.

  • 5
    Product quality

    Most excellent workmanship. Not a stitch out of place. High grade hide, very good hardware. You will agree, believe me...

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    This garment I've purchased is absolutely faultless. Not a stitch out of place even under the buckles. Fine quality leather and hardware - the D rings are a nice touch. Comfortable to wear for long periods. Very nice indeed.

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    Mens underbust corset

    Was a hit hesitant at ordering this, however when it arrived it was well packaged and wrapped. It was then tried on the look and feel was very impressive as is the strength behind it. Will take some getting used to and breaking in but over all very impressed.

  • 5
    Great fit

    Perfect fit first time. Having had difficulty in the past finding one that can pull tight enough but also look good this one hits it perfectly. The straps are a nice extra that gives a great look, as well as the bones themselves being of good quality

  • 5
    Best corset ever owned!

    This is the best looking and feeling corset I've had so far! Leather is from superb quality and feels amazing. With some leather polish it develops a nice matte sheen. It has enough bones to shape the waist well enough to get a wider looking bust, exactly what I wanted. It looks amazing under my gothic suit, in combination with knee high winklepickers. got lots of compliments so far! Misses loves it too. It really adds lots to my gothic lord outfit, can't go out without the corset anymore. Can't complain even after hours of wearing it. It feels like a second skin! I'm straight but love corsets for the look and feel they provide. Straight males can wear this beauty too without looking weird. Just try it! Side note: I got it a bit too large, if you are between two sizes, get the size down if you want to tight lace it. with 90cm waist, the 32 is a bit too wide, need to close it fully to get the effect I want. I'm going to order the 30" corset to have two different sizes to wear depending on the style I want.

  • 5
    Very pleased

    Delivery was very prompt. I am very pleased with the quality.

  • 5

    Absolut Klasse, Mega Optik, Qualität und Verarbeitung. Genau das was ich immer gesucht habe.. 5 Sterne, immer wieder!!!

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    excellent quality & fit

    I just want to update my earlier review. By mistake I said I ordered 4" larger . I actually meant to say get it 4" SMALLER than your actual waist. The Ms pulled it to within 2" fully closed the first time and it felt wonderful . She is anxious to see it fully closed eventually . As stated before , we are both very pleased with fit and finish .

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    excellent quality and fit

    I had to wait a few weeks for a custom size, but it was worth it. Guys, this is not a gay thing ( not that ther's anything wrong with that ) but even straight guys will appreciate a warm body hug that this thing gives you. M'Lady had a fun time lacing me up and getting it as tight as she could. I ordered 4" larger than my actual waist, and that was the perfect fit. There are hidden loops (4) if you want to attach garters - sure why not ? The big "D" rings on the side are a bit of a mystery. Will have to think what I can attach there. They do come in handy as grab hooks so I can squirm into the corset. All in all, very pleased, Craftmanship is perfect, and the leather is the softest I have ever felt.


Black Leather Men's Corset with adjustable buckles, this sleek men's steel-boned leather underbust male corset made from top-grain goat Nappa leather. A traditional lace-up back provides the tight fit you want, while the buckle front design adds extra flair and highlights your rebellious nature, giving this corset a masculine look.

The fully lined interior provides comfort for longer periods of wear. This Waist Trainers For Men wipes clean for easy care.

Spiral and rigid steel bones

Front and back lace ties

Cotton lined

Front functional adjustable buckles

Side D rings

Please order 3" to 4" smaller size corset than your actual waist size.

Your Natural
22" / 54-57 cm 18"
24" / 59-62 cm 20"
26" / 64-67 cm 22"
28" / 69-72 cm 24"
30" / 74-77 cm 26"
32" / 79-82 cm 28"
34" / 84-87 cm 30"
36" / 90-93 cm 32"
38" / 95-98 cm 34"
40" / 100-103 cm 36"
42" / 105-108 cm 38"
44" / 110-113 cm 40"

Introducing our Gothic-Style Men's Corset, a captivating blend of dark elegance and masculine charm. Embrace your inner Gothic spirit and exude a powerful aura with this meticulously crafted corset designed specifically for men.

Our Gothic-Style Men's Corset combines the allure of Gothic fashion with the functionality of a waist cincher. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this corset features intricate lace-up design, ornate patterns, and darkly romantic elements. Its strong and durable construction ensures both comfort and longevity, allowing you to embody the essence of gothic fashion for years to come.

Made from premium materials, this corset offers a flattering silhouette while providing excellent waist shaping and support. The adjustable lacing allows for a customized fit, enhancing your natural curves and creating a striking visual impact. With its versatile design, it can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of gothic-inspired outfits, from Victorian gothic ensembles to steampunk-inspired attire.

Our Gothic-Style Men's Corset is more than just a fashion statement; it's an expression of your unique style and individuality. Command attention with its dark allure, captivating onlookers with its mysterious charm. Whether you're attending a Gothic-themed event, exploring alternative fashion, or simply seeking to embrace your gothic identity, this corset is the perfect choice.

Indulge in the world of Gothic fashion with our Gothic-Style Men's Corset. Embrace the darkness, embrace your style. Shop now and experience the trans formative power of this exceptional piece of Gothic attire.

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